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The Wildhearts/Those Damn Crows/Waco –

Foundry, Sheffield University, Sheffield, Friday 24th September, 2021

Well here's a venue I have not been to in years and have never personally covered a show and I was very impressed with it to say the least. Not too far to get to from a buddy's flat either so it was a done deal.

Setlist: Catbrain/Jersey Devil/Anthony/Elevation/Physio/ANF/Barracuda/Watch Skies/Good Days.

The opening band portrayed exactly as their name suggested – Waco who came across like a demented punk band with zany rock like roots too and packed in as many colours on stage as they possibly could who consisting of Jak (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Tom (Guitar/Vocals), Welshy (Drums/Vocals) and James (Bass, Vocals). Jak hardly stopped still, was extremely positive and uplifting to the point of utterly hyper.

Waco 06.jpg
Waco 12.jpg

Like many bands of the last few months they were extremely happy to be back where they belong – back on stage in front of an audience which all have missed. Add to that opening for that famous band that starts with a 'W' simply was the icing on the cake for them. Standouts included the craziness of opener 'Catbrain'; a cut about getting better – the wacky bawler that was 'Physio' or one for all the Aliens in the room tonight called 'Watch Skies'.

Waco 09.jpg
Waco 07.jpg
Waco 03.jpg

Definitely a unit that places you in that 'What the f*ck?' moment but at the end of the day you totally remembered them with their 'Faith No More' meets 'Life, Sex and Death' zaniness and an almost Liam Gallagher meets Russell Brand looking frontman - Ginger dug them too and that is what counts a lot.

Waco 10.jpg

They were very personable and went out their way to meet folk by hanging out at the merch tent all night. Good on them!

Set List: Who Did It/Long Time Dead/Someone Someday/Don't Give A Damn/Devil In My Pocket/Blink Of An Eye/Rock 'N' Roll Ain't Dead.

Now the direct support were meant to be playing a recent big festival but had to pull out due to another engagement - this was that said engagement no doubt. A bunch of Welsh Geezers (from Bridgend to be exact) who referred to themselves as wankers and sheep-shaggers – probably getting the latter one in before anyone else did crowdwise – the phrase.... not... oh never mind.. more tea vicar.. hahaha...

those damn crows 2.jpg
those damn crows 7.jpg

Those Damn Crows whose line-up consists of Shane Greenhall (Vocals), Ronnie Huxford (Drums),
Ian 'Shiner' Thomas (Guitar), Lloyd Wood (Bass) & David Winchurch (Guitar) had their sh*t down and you would have thought they were the main band on tonight, the way they carried it off with their cocksure confidence, with Shane coming right up on to the barriers and singing right in front of the crowd – at one point near slipping down on a dodgy photo-pit seat.

those damn crows 10.jpg
those damn crows 3.jpg
those damn crows 11.jpg

Style-wise it's pure hard rock and no doubt part of the NWOCR brigade and rightly too though since they have put a lot of work in of recent – which amazes me that it's the first time of witnessing them up there though they pulled out of a support slot to Goldray a few years ago at another Sheffield venue for whatever reason.

those damn crows 12.jpg
those damn crows 4.jpg

A solid set that concluded with the fabulous 'Rock 'N' Roll Ain't Dead' that Mr. Greenhall had us singing along to and on our own as well with the highlights including the gutsy bluesy opener 'Who Did It?' with its very grabbing chorus harmonies and the ballsy 'n' thramming drum filled 'Devil My Pocket'.

Set List: Diagnosis/Vanilla Radio/Sick Of Drugs/Remember These Days/Caffiene Bomb /Headfuck/Dislocated/Splitter/Let Em Go/Mazel Tov Cocktail/Caprise.


Encore: Inglorious/Sucker Punch/I Wanna Go Where The People Go.

And then after a bit it's time to witness those headliners, yep The Wildhearts who have played killer shows recently including the last couple of times I have seen them this year. I am happy to say that they played the ace and were a pure unadulterated rock n roll joy throughout with Ginger Wildheart being in a cracking mood throughout with the band of course completed by C.J. Wildheart (Guitar), Danny McCormack  (Bass) and Ritch Battersby (Drums) !

The Wildhearts Sheff Foundry 19.jpg
The Wildhearts Sheff Foundry 5.jpg

They were so pleased to be here again in Sheffield or anywhere for that matter after such a bullshit time of touring absolutely nowhere – okay the odd festival appearance this year, but this was the boys playing to their own fans again in their own right.

The Wildhearts Sheff Foundry 2.jpg
The Wildhearts Sheff Foundry 24.jpg

I was really impressed how good the sound and lighting was in here since I had not idea what to expect, with it being extremely funny being locked in the photopit, with one of the security guards having to let me out... some would argue they should have left me in.... shut it... hahahaha!

The Wildhearts Sheff Foundry 29.jpg
The Wildhearts Sheff Foundry 9.jpg

We had a hilarious moment before thy kicked into 'Remember These Days' because Ginger complained about having a clock right in front of him in the middle of the lighting rig. He had the crew to cover it up because he said he did not wish to know what the time was and get on with the show since it put him off. In fact they had to cover it twice because he could read through it.

The Wildhearts Sheff Foundry 25.jpg
The Wildhearts Sheff Foundry 10.jpg
The Wildhearts Sheff Foundry 15.jpg

The said frontman told us that Sheffield were a fantastic audience and reckon they were in the top three as the best crowd on the tour. The folk in the Foundry had him beaming like a cheshire cat at the response to them and their songs since the people were really getting into it, extremely lively, singing along and giving as much as they possible could in each and every second of the show.

The Wildhearts Sheff Foundry 8.jpg
The Wildhearts Sheff Foundry 21.jpg

On this occasion I am not going to pick out certain songs that were better than another during the set because each and every one stood out in their own right – be it newer material like the brutal heavy splitter to older loved live staple gems like 'I Wanna Go Where The People Go'; 'Diagnosis' or 'Let 'Em Go' or cuts like 'Caffiene Bomb' & 'Dislocated'.

The Wildhearts Sheff Foundry 6.jpg
The Wildhearts Sheff Foundry 14.jpg

Everyone has their favourite Wildhearts songs for one reason or another. I must say though that all the material was exquisitely performed with loud 'n' luscious, raucous but at the same time beautiful harmonies when needed as well as those Celtic, Punky riffs with the odd Status Quo or Motorhead element in them – influences of course.

The Wildhearts Sheff Foundry 22.jpg
The Wildhearts Sheff Foundry 11.jpg

We were told to watch out and look after ourselves too because there are a lot of c*nts out there – the frontman never minces his words which is why he is loved and respected so much. I gotta say that everyone here left satisfied at the end of the show which was a great start to the last weekend of September 2021!

The Wildhearts Sheff Foundry 30.jpg
The Wildhearts Sheff Foundry 26.jpg

It's also worth noting that these hoodlums had a fantastic selection of merchandise on offer for purchase such as albums, t-shirts, scarves, patches, autographed posters etc. Hey, you could even buy your own Wildhearts pair of socks for a tennner – le t me know if you bought some – lol - maybe other bands should follow suit as this really could be a winner!

Review & Photographs By Glenn Milligan


A big thank you to Tonito Bermudez for providing the set lists.

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