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Derwood – Renegade

(S/R – 2017)

Derwood - Renegade use.jpg

Rockers from Melville, Saskatchewan, Canada where frontman and rhythm guitarist, Derwood puts me in mind of a throatier Alice Cooper meets Brian Johnson and more. The line-up completed by Ira Dales (Drums); Justin Mercer (Bass) and Kyle Kosedy (Lead Guitar)


This 11 song album was recorded at Alchemy Studios in Calgary and grabs your tabs with cuts like the opening 'Walk Away' with the great rhythm and bright amazing chorus; 'Reckless' with Stonesy like lyrics; the latter AC/DC style of 'Cold Blooded'; a cookin' cover of 'Highway To Hell'; the fuzzin' and a wailing 'Led Astray' or the closing Southenesque mysterious and bluesy 'Underground'.


A nice dose of 80's Rock!



By Glenn Milligan

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