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THE FACTOR - Power Play

(S/R - 2016)



Latvian veterans, The Factor have clocked up a decade in action and could have done with more than two albums but they have evidently been expending time into crafting this second one.


Carved and cut atop a stoner shaped bench, 'Power Play' is a punch to the head for anyone who mocks old school metal once too many times. Grinding double guitars rumble across every number leaving everything as dust beneath. Fearsome boulders of hate such as 'Manimal' (no, not a WASP cover), 'Midnight Caller', 'Stone Cold Friend', 'Fair Game' and 'S*ns' are aggressive with a concealed melodic element in every track even if that's sometimes just the short but breezy solos.


A strained but acceptable attempt at rap metal is made in parts of 'Miss Devil' but on hitting the shouting refrain of "she's a devil, she's a devil" straight behind, it does a constructive justice. Sludgy, hard-crunching fun from another East European mob we need to hear more of, The Factor are one for flexing your aggressive musical muscles along to.




By Dave Attrill


RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Down, Pantera, Orange Goblin, Machine Head & Linkin Park.

The Factor - Power Play
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