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Marita – Bloodlust

(Skullcrack Records – 2018)

Marita - Bloodlust USE.jpg

A Norwegian Metal three-piece that are fronted by Marita Sundet Solhelm alongside Geir Arne Solhelm (Bass Guitar) and Trygve Johan Solheim (Lead Guitar/Drums).


The album has that old school 80's feel about it with a synthed echoey sound to it that I associate with films of the time which kinda makes it more authentic in a way. Imagine Guns 'N' Roses meets Dio and throw some Ozzy Osbourne, Kiss and Fastway in there too but with high-end young female vocals.


Ten songs greet our ears here with highlights including the opening pulverising '66 Crush'; the cock rock of 'Danger City'; the scary title-track 'Bloodlust' and the closing 'Flesh Is Burning' that really sticks in your head – they are coming for you... as is Marita with this release.


Decent stuff!



By Glenn Milligan

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