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Racing Mars – Bullets From The Graveyard

(Dark Street Records - 2018)

Racing Mars - Bullets From The Graveyard

No strangers to Metalliville Zine are Bristol Rockers, Racing Mars who impressed us with their debut, 'Measure Of Decay' not too long ago.


They have a blend of sounds that mesh together making their own unique style. I hear the likes of U2, Simple Minds, Big Country and even The Alarm like the opening 'Stained' in there as well as some warm classic rock feels too of a slight gutsy AC/DC meets Saxon variety that is very apparent in the moderate stomping 'Burning Down The Road' with closer 'Untamed' of a similar vibe too with a cranking raw straight into the amp riff!


Elsewhere 'New Day' is a real bright, ballsy, happening track that gets you intrigued of what's coming up as it has a nice build-up and keeps you entertained with it's flowing bass, throaty well-expression vocal and bopping dynamic feel to it with 'The Girl Of Horizon' grabbing you too with its opening riff and splendid hooking chorus section.


A decent 2nd album!



By Glenn Milligan

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